The Final Destination

Nick O' Bannon is at the McKinley Speedway watching a race with his friends Hunt Wynorski , Janet Cunningham and his girlfriend Lori Milligan . Nick has a premonition

of the cars crashing and debris flying into the stands, killing all of his friends and others in the 180 section of the stadium. He persuades his friends to leave, while others

follow him to fight. While they fight, a girl named Nadia Monroy , screams "Are you all out of your fucking minds?" as the crash inside the stadium occurs and a tire comes

flying into the parking lot, gruesomely decapitating her in front of her boyfriend, Andy Kewzer. that night, the racist goes to George's home to burn a cross on his lawn,thumb|300px|right

such as the Ku Klux Klan. After a series of events, he ends up being dragged down George's street on fire by his tow truck. Another survivor, Samantha Lane, and her

two children, go to a hair salon. While she is there, her kids are throwing stones at a sign near a grassy area where a man is mowing the lawn. While Samantha is in the

chair, a ceiling fan falls, a can of hairspray explodes, and she is nearly stabbed in the face by a pair of scissors. This prompts her to leave, but as she heads out the door

, a lawn mower across the street sends a rock flying into her eye, killing her in front of the staff and her children.

They go to a car garage where Kewzer's works. They tell Andy about everything but he does not believe them. After a series of events, Andy ends up being pushed through

a fence, as if he were in a meat grinder. Nick, Lori and George head off to save Hunt and Janet as they are next. Lori and George head to where Janet is, a carwash. Nick

goes looking for Hunt at a pool. Janet is in the carwash, where after a while, her car is full of water and her head is stuck in the sunroof. Later, Hunt is at the bottom of a

pool that is being drained. His body is plugging the hole that is draining the pool. Lori and George show up just in time to save Janet from being skinned alive by the

carwash. Nick shows up as Hunt's body is sucked through the hole and his organs are spewed everywhere.


Bobby Campo as Nicholas "Nick" O'Bannon

Shantel VanSanten as Lori Milligan

Haley Webb as Janet Cunnigham

Nick Zano as Hunt Wynorsk

iMykelti Williamson as George Lanter ("The Security Guard"

)Andrew Fiscella as Andrew "Andy" Kewzer ("The Mechanic")

Krista Allen as Samantha Lane ("The Mother")

Justin Welborn as Carter Daniels ("The Racist")

Jackson Walker as Jonathan Grove ("The Cowboy")